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Me and us

2007-10-12 16:50:37 by 7he5hocker

Hey, it's me, the guy of whom you are reading the profile of. so if anyone out there cares why I haven't been releasing shit at a spectacular rate of....submittage...It is because I recently went broke on account of the 60 dollar a month Hughes Net bill (Satellite Internet), so now I have Net Zero dial-up. and it is not good, it takes roughly a week to upload a track-hell this message will probably take hours. So I will not be uploading so much.

Yes, this is the exact reason for my absence, it has nothing to do with writers block or lack of a good song to remix, absolutely none.


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2007-11-01 20:05:50

=/ Damn..

Looking forward to any tracks you've cooked up..


2008-04-25 20:55:32

Shit man, that sucks ass! I loved your Brinstar remix 3. You something so small become so big.


2008-06-10 12:02:24

Fallout 1&2 rocks!


2008-07-08 04:12:43

*tears of joy* your music rulez man


2008-10-10 22:59:05

That's just too bad...

Your music is awesome!

Here's hoping broadband internet gets cheaper where you are. I have 768K DSL where I live for about 18 US Dollars a month.

7he5hocker responds:

price isn't really a big deal, the problem is that I can only get satellite where I live because it's hardcore in the country and we don't even have cable, and satellite kept cutting off for no reason so we ditched it.


2008-11-05 20:26:12


Your audios are awesome!