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Cool thanks

2010-07-29 19:20:45 by 7he5hocker

So do the people who just roll through and 0 vote all my fucking shit have a reason for doing such? because I'm pretty sure the 0 vote is reserved for people who just upload metallica songs and call it their own. perhaps something else? I sure love getting pushed to the bottom of the lists just because my name isn't one of the 3 people's cocks that everyone on Newgrounds that everyone is fighting over to suck. To everyone who actually likes my shit I thank you and appreciate your votes. If it weren't for you i'd just say fuck it and delete this account in a second. to everyone else, I'm not usually one to go on about my tracks, in fact I usually am the first one to say they suck. but I was very Proud of my DK2 Hive track and put a lot of effort into it. it didn't deserve the five 0s it got, basically I'm telling you people to suck MY dick. I said what I wanted to say if I get banned for this so be it.

Cool thanks


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2010-07-29 19:59:43

Hey buddy. In the future don't mention this again because you're giving them what they want. They'll just come back and 0 vote it again. Just vote 5 on your stuff again and move on.

7he5hocker responds:

Yeah I figured, some times you need to drop a rant though lol.


2010-07-29 20:17:49

Such a thing is normal in the Audio Portal. It sickens me that people would 0-bomb other people's work like that, but it happens.


2010-07-29 22:32:25

I really don't like 0-bombers, either. My latest song "Casino Night Zone Piano" was at 5.00 for its first 24 hours. Then, the score dropped like a stone, but at least it went back up eventually as REAL Newgrounders gave it a good listen and a fair vote.

I'll check out your latest track at once.