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2011-12-03 01:30:25 by 7he5hocker

So I just wanted to thank my few fans, thanks for coming around and checking out my shit. Unfortunately lately I just haven't been doing any kind of Video Game remixes, I've sort of been using what little free time I have to make some original shit, I have a few tracks uploaded at if anyone want's to check them out and let me know what they think, I'd appreciate it.


2010-08-17 18:20:31 by 7he5hocker

Pup'd NI Massive, it's pretty awesome...gonna be awhile while I figure out how to fucking use it though. it can make some of the most brutal bass synths I've ever heard, which is great because my basses have always been weak in my opinion.


2010-08-11 15:53:19 by 7he5hocker

so annoying when people who barely use the internet have shit like verizon fios or sprint g4 and...well, I'm sure everyone has heard me bitching about it at one point or the other. It almost feels like a waste of money having this gaming machine. I am so ready to join the 21st century. hell, I'd take the 20th century at this point. instead I live in the age of Deliverance, better trade my guitar for a banjo and stop brushing as soon as possible. Overalls? YES PLEASE oh well....


Cool thanks

2010-07-29 19:20:45 by 7he5hocker

So do the people who just roll through and 0 vote all my fucking shit have a reason for doing such? because I'm pretty sure the 0 vote is reserved for people who just upload metallica songs and call it their own. perhaps something else? I sure love getting pushed to the bottom of the lists just because my name isn't one of the 3 people's cocks that everyone on Newgrounds that everyone is fighting over to suck. To everyone who actually likes my shit I thank you and appreciate your votes. If it weren't for you i'd just say fuck it and delete this account in a second. to everyone else, I'm not usually one to go on about my tracks, in fact I usually am the first one to say they suck. but I was very Proud of my DK2 Hive track and put a lot of effort into it. it didn't deserve the five 0s it got, basically I'm telling you people to suck MY dick. I said what I wanted to say if I get banned for this so be it.

Cool thanks


2008-12-20 12:03:46 by 7he5hocker

Well I finally got high speed, Verizon cellular. it is great except it has a 5 gig a month cap but whatever. I've been working on some things, I haven't had a lot of time to sit down and do anything lately what with my job

Me and us

2007-10-12 16:50:37 by 7he5hocker

Hey, it's me, the guy of whom you are reading the profile of. so if anyone out there cares why I haven't been releasing shit at a spectacular rate of....submittage...It is because I recently went broke on account of the 60 dollar a month Hughes Net bill (Satellite Internet), so now I have Net Zero dial-up. and it is not good, it takes roughly a week to upload a track-hell this message will probably take hours. So I will not be uploading so much.

Yes, this is the exact reason for my absence, it has nothing to do with writers block or lack of a good song to remix, absolutely none.